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Making Antonito No Kill

When you drive through the town of Antonito, Colorado, you see packs of stray, abandoned, starving, discarded dogs. Tourists either panic or try to feed them before they head out of town. Many people are simplyMamaWithGeronimo_edited afraid to get out of their cars. It’s a tough life for these homeless animals in this small Colorado community.

Sadly, no one has been able to address this issue and help the people and dogs of this town. Until now.


We are looking for help to bring the Stray Dogs of Antonito Home. Can you sacrifice one meal out this week and give us $50? One Starbucks’s coffee and give us $5? Anything helps. Become part of an event that captures the compassion and generosity of Colorado. Help us save 100 dogs from the harsh reality these strays endure.


Let’s bring the 100 Stray Dogs of Antonito Home 

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